Wednesday, June 28, 2006

just bored.

blah. although the rain has stopped and my ark sits half built - i'm bored. i'm giving work an hour to an hour and a half more today. Although since I took that hour lunch (and got in a little late) I should really probably stay another 2 - 2 1/2 hours but since i still made it here before everyone else despite the lateness and my boss isn't here - again - i don't think it's going to be that long. talk about stupid job. but that all may be changing soon so i'll *try* to keep anyone updated.

if anyone has any pros or cons about upping a 40-45 minute commute to 50-65 minute commute (hopefully) all by train for a new job- feel free to voice them.

in the mean time i will continue to not finish my sister's mini sweater even though the only thing i have to do left is to seam the INCH LONG RIGHT SLEEVE BUT FOR SOME REASON THIS MALAISE HAS CARRIED OVER TO THAT TOO!

But in case you checked out my celeb hairstyle pictures i chose ms. maggie and here's a picture from my mom's retirement party. not the best hair shot but it's the best i could find from the fairly dark room.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweet Thursday

Thursday is practically a holiday at my office. My boss' boss works from home today which promotes laziness right on down the line. Today it's compounded by the England game (I've become a total fOOtball freak- beckham & terry better be on their game today cause mama needs some fantasy football points!), the fact that it's generally the most perfect day ever out (not a cloud in the sky), and a couple of us are leaving early.

LK (i go by initials to be safe FYI- this is DC after all) is going to a wedding in VA beach and i've got a doctor's appt...... which is good/bad. I have written about the drama- mostly self imposed and i'm not sure if now's the time either but all i will say at the moment is what i wish i had known when i first found out is that an abmornal pap isn't a death sentence and that it happens to like 4 out of 5 women at some point. Further testing needs to be done but yeah- try not to freak out... like i did. several times. ok enough of that.

This weekend is my mom's retirement party which is going to be a huge shindig. I keep on writing it down in calendars as her "graduation" party which i actually think is funnier. So since i'm going home and HATED my last hair cut i got in dc i'm getting my hair cut at home. Which brings to this:

Grand Holy Mecca of Celebrity Hairstyles

Who should i be? Rory Gilmore er... Alexis Bedel's bangs are tempting... soo tempting but i've been tricked by bangs before.

A friend of mine suggested Maggie Gyllenhaal (who, by the way i TOTALLY hope hypenates her name Maggie Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaard - damn!) but her hair is up alot of the time. Although i don't mind this curlyish fun bit. Ahh decisions decisions.

Lastly in my hopes of spreading cool stuff to the world (a la figandplum) is this organizing stuff which totally makes me wish i was even CLOSE to an organized person (i'm beyond hope but you might not be): cool well design organizational stuff for your everything

Das it for today! Go England!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

ok ok I'm back!

No knitting to speak of in ireland so i have no knitting pictures but BOY O BOY do i have ireland pictures! They can be found here:

It was a total blast although truth be told i wish we had flown into Cork, driven up the west coast and out of Belfast b/c the west coast was too beautiful.

And besides that I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

And now for some quick hits:
• My friend gave me the new Shakira cd, the new Dixie Chicks cd, and the new Pearl Jam cds before I left and they are all AWESOME. Go buy them now!!!

• I just read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and it was a very interesting read WHICH is A LOT for me to say since I am a total fiction kind of girl. Actually the last book before that which I also enjoyed Freakanomics was also non-fiction. That means I'm due for some Nora Roberts ASAP :)

• I have a fantasy FOOTball team (which is "soccer" but I think football makes more sense but i'm told i have to pronounce it FOOTball so people know what i'm talking about). My team is called "ihavenoideawhatimdoing" and is actually doing pretty well- i shall definitely keep you updated.

• And if anyone hasn't seen the Sony Bravia commercial yet you have to. I love it so much. I think i'm actually going to go watch it again...

Cheers mate!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Probably last post before Ireland...

THE TRIP BEGINS FRIDAY WITH THE BUS RIDE TO NYC!!!! :) CANNOT WAIT!! So i'll be in Ireland from saturday to saturday and NYC on either end with friends so if anyone has any places i should go in Ireland please try and let me know before friday.

But before i go i realized i posted my finished Boobholder on flickr but not here-- silly rabbit- your various online personas are not connected for a reason!!

But here is my favorite picture from the shoot.

Along with the yellow tank top i bought JUST to go with it. I'm making my sister a small non-striped version and if i can EVER remember to throw the swatch in the dryer I'll be on my way with that!

So in conclusion- boobholder is currently my favorite knit and is from glampyre and going to ireland-- (dublin, kilkenny, cork, ring of kerry, galway and back across to dublin) so if you have been and know a super spot or B&B let me know!! Thanks :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yar! Me new boobholder!

So here's my new nautical (and sometimes pirate, as in the title of the post) boobholder/minisweater.

It just needs arms or rather the garter stitch edging on the arms since it's more of a cap sleeve. I only followed the pattern on style (except the puffy sleeves). I don't even think I counted rows just tried it on every once in awhile and worked off of that which makes my unfortunate somewhat cowl not so bad since it taught me so much. Huzzah! Philosophical knittin' mateys!

Ok well it's breakfast time and i hear that may be important or something so i'm off but completed pictures with matching clothes underneath (i won't wear this with this shade of blue tank top probably)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just so everyone knows where i stand

My eyes are still puffy from last night's Grey Anatomy!! I LOVED IT!! So wonderful. So wonderful in fact that i had to make a button to show my support instead of doing the work i should be doing at work ;)

Knitting pictures a little later-- PROMISE!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On the bound

Here is my rebound project: a nautically inspired mini sweater which just may turn into a regular short sleeved "sally sells sea shells by the sea shore" sweater but i think in my sale induced insanity (yarn sale! love it!) i didn't buy enough yarn.

Also i missed Maryland Sheep and Wool which would have been like an HOUR drive from my house. Not far at all. But when i looked on the website it had practically NO KNITTING stuff mentioned- i figured it was more "state fair" than "yarn orgasm". Ugh. And it was National Pilates Day so i had my FREE TOWER CLASS which was fabulous and perhaps when i get back from ireland (3 weeks away!!!) i will see how much money i have left and get a 10-class card for the tower class (which will unfortunately more than double what i'm paying now for a mat class).

OK i'm going to be late for work.